“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

Indeed, what a simple question. And what a difficult question to answer in an era in which the hardest thing is the “simplicity”…

The best answer shall of course be given by those who had passed through her coaching training, who had the chance to work and know her. Some of these answers are given here (link:http://www.turkanakdeniz.com/en/comments/). She, herself, shall answer this question as follows:

“The goodness and love in the core of man ; is the main antidote for the chaos and aggressiveness in nature. Coaching actually provides activation of the potential which you already have and to  bring your power back to you… The key is persistance and belief; the victory is the victory of man. It is the absolute success of goodness and love. I, Türkan Akdeniz, believe in this success and am a part of this success.”

“You are never too late,

No matter how many times you put back,

No matter how many times you were put back,

Even if you carry all the sins of the world,

Even if you feel yourself guilty for everything in your life,

Even if you believe that you shall not be accepted by your “Heart”,

Still, walk to “yourself, your heart”…

Even if no one believes in you, you believe in yourself…”



Türkan Akdeniz; provides coaching services in Turkish, English and Romanian. Türkan Akdeniz 2012-2015 ICF – PCC title and since 2012 acquired the title of Certified Somatic Leadership Coach from Strozzi Institute (USA). Türkan Akdeniz had worked for many long years in one of the major private banks of Turkey at the level of inspectorship and management at the general directorate and branches and used this experience in creation of a development engineering philosophy. She was the leader and coach of more than 600 branch managers and more than 1400 retail banking customer relationship managers with respect to a higher performance and business development. With the experience gained this way, Türkan Akdeniz has innovative ideas and applications in the establishment of a new department within the current organization, creation of synergy between the departments by providing efficient communication, implementation of the new applications, and adoption of the new concepts. With her vast experience in the innovations such as formation of customer satisfaction and sales focused, innovative and visionary teams in the field of retail banking, and in formation of high performance based teams at the branches and general directorate units, she is a master in achieving the desired results.

Türkan Akdeniz’s success in corporate and individual coaching is hidden not only in being a holistic observer and listener, but also in her personal approach based on empathy that is focused on the needs of the people. When this approach is united with her coaching capabilities, the results obtained by Türkan Akdeniz as based on the superior performance all over Turkey are not a surprise. “Human First” approach is the essence of Türkan Akdeniz’s perception of coaching.

“Miracles happen to those who believe in miracles!”

Türkan Akdeniz concentrates on the basic behaviours that are required for higher performances and follows an approach, which is focused on strong sides in leadership development. For more than 20 years, she creates miracles with human beings, who are a miracle themselves. As an executive coach, she conveys to the institutes, teams in the institutes and individuals, the secret of and the belief in the road to success.

Türkan Akdeniz is a follower executive coach, mentor and consultant, who is accessible at any time. Whatever the sector is, whenever the hopes of the person or company are given up and the light at the end of the tunnel fades out, Türkan Akdeniz finds a way to show those glitters and never leaves, never let those leave the road followed up.

Türkan Akdeniz, who re-proves the outcomes of the belief in the miracles everyday to herself and those lucky people around her, was born in Medgidia Romania in 1967. She is married and has a son.


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