“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

“Nothing in life is obtained easily. The number of roads leading to success is numerous. The important thing is to correctly determine the targets in the road chosen, to be decisive and to have the belief and to act with a plan and discipline. The success of each person is unique on the road traveled for such purpose.”

Türkan Akdeniz had served as an executive at various units including the general directorate and branches, in one of the major private banks of our country. In the beginning of her banking career, she participated in the inspection of the branches of any structure on behalf of the general directorate and thanks to the experience she had acquired in a very short time, she had started her duty at Sultanhamam Branch between the years 1995 – 1999, which is the commercial center of Turkey. This branch duty, which is in the position of trade and business school, is at a key point with regards to Türkan Akdeniz’s expertise level in the customer relationship management, efficiency in team leadership and successful career. During the same years, she entered the exam in which there were applications from all the banks and she was awarded the joint scholarship of Banking Association and British Government; thus she broke the new ground and completed Credit Risk Management Program in England Manchester Business School with her scholarship.

As an executive, the success of Türkan Akdeniz in establishment of new departments in the regional and branch sales teams and general directorate management staff, and in creation of high performance teams; is due to her sensitivity in making her support felt by encouraging the people within the direction of the targets and her practical applications. In brief, she provides the people she coaches, to believe in miracles; above all, to believe that they are a miracle…

“To know what people can succeed, and to see how strong they believe in what they cannot succeed is frequently experienced by coaches. Most of the time it is not enough to knock the door which opens up to success, you will have to break it.”

Every person has the capacity to change the world with the power within. When you change your life, you also, directly or indirectly, change the world. When you change your life and the lives of people around you, it means that you had changes the world. So, first start changing yourself. The rest shall follow.

Work Experience:

  • Strozzi Institute, Certified Somatic Leadership Coach title, December 08th, 2012 (USA)
  • International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach title, 2012-2015
  • In one of the major Private Banks of Turkey;

General Directorate:

  • Retail Banking Branches Management Group Manager
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Manager

Branch Management:

  • Batı Ataşehir
  • Ataşehir
  • Şaşkınbakkal
  • Arnavutköy
  • Sultanhamam (Asst. Mgr.)

Training and Certificates:

  • Strozzi Institute-Certified Somatic Leadership Coach, USA,  December 08th, 2012
  • Strozzi Institute, Leadership in Action 1&2, Bodywork, Art Somatic Coaching Conferences 1&2&3, Somatic Coaching Program, 2011-2012
  • ICF (International Coach Federation),  PCC – Professional Certified Coach title, 2012-2015
  • Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program, ICF (International Coach Federation)-ACSTH, 2009 – 2010
  • Gestalt Center OSD, International Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Group Work, ICF (International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2008
  • Gestalt Center OSD, International Gestalt Coaching Program, Increasing your Capabilities, ICF(International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2008
  • Life Coaching Training Institute (USA), Advanced Practical Coaching Training, ICF (International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2008
  • Life Coaching Training Institute (USA), Life Coaching Certificate, ICF (International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2008
  • Life Coaching Training Institute (USA), Participation Certificate Program, ICF (International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2008
  • Life Coaching Training Institute (USA), Success Certificate Program, ICF (International Coach Federation) – ACTP, 2007
  • İstanbul University, Master’s Degree – Money and Banking, 1997
  • İstanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of  Finance, 1985-1989
  • İstanbul Fatih Girls High School, İstanbul, 1983-1985
  • Liceul Energetic, Constanta, Romania, 1981-1982
  • Scoala Nr: 28, Secondary School, Constanta, Romania, 1973-1981

Courses and Training Programs:

  • Sales Power Management, MCT, 2005
  • Sales Team Gain, PDR, 2004
  • Team Formation, Sabancı Holding, 2002
  • Performance Development and Communication, Turkish Banking Association, 2002
  • Time Management, 2002
  • Management D C Gardner, Istanbul, 1999
  • Credit Risk Management, Manchester Business School, Manchester / England, 1997
  • Management Development, Rota, Istanbul, 1996
  • English, ITBA, Istanbul, 1985-1986

Professional Activities:

  • International Coach Federation Romania Branch Conferences, ICF (International Coach Federation), Bucharest, Romania, 2010, 2012
  • Global Coaching Conferences, ICF (International Coach Federation), Orlando, 2009
  • ICCO (The International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations), İstanbul, 2009
  • Global Coaching Conferences, ICF (International Coach Federation), Montreal, 2008
  • European Coaching Conferences, ICF (European Coach Federation), Geneva, 2008
  • ICF (International Coach Federation) Turkey, Coaching Project, The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, Turkey, 2008
  • Visa International Seminar, 2002
  • Money Laundering Seminar , London, England 2002-2004
  • Leadership Conference, PDR, 2004
  • Coaching and Mentoring Conferences, İstanbul, 2004-2005-2006

Professional Memberships:

  • ICF (International Coach Federation) 2008-2015
  • AKDENET (Akbank Inspection Board Alumni Association)
  • IFMC (İstanbul University Faculty of Economics Alumni Association)



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