“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

“Corporations can not only be evaluated in numbers. This causes the illusion that a successful corporation can be created over such numbers. On the other hand, the numbers are only the results; the source of success always lies on the reasons. And the reason is not multi-digit numbers, but people.”

Türkan Akdeniz, thanks to her International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach and Certified Somatic Leadership titles, which are recognized worldwide; helps many executives in realizing themselves in various areas  such as leadership development, career change, work-life balance, growth and success, stress management, emotional improvement, new work establishment, financial planning.

By concentrating on the basic behaviors required for improved performance, she presents an approach, which is focused on strong aspects in leadership development. She increases the efficiency in the corporations and provides them to move up the social ladder thanks to her extensive experience in formation of high performance teams in branches and headquarters.

At the stage of formation of new business units in the corporations and implementation of the systems, Türkan Akdeniz  professionally shows the way to the teams and individuals. The main target is always to find concrete and permanent solutions to the complex situations and to solve problems both at the individual and corporate level.

“Efficiency of a company is not only based on such company’s work conditions. It is more based on the dynamism of the people under such working conditions. No matter how nice you color the walls of your workplace, nothing will change if your employees are colorblind.”


Türkan Akdeniz Describes:

“I am an executive coach with 20 years of experience in the fields of customer experience and network management in Turkey and an international career, equipped with high motivation and organization development skills which are needed by people for change and inspiration.

My duty is to guide the top level executives so that they discover the unique combinations of their strengts, to prepare people who can be a mentor or a leader at any level and to equip those who are in transition period, within the frame of the career targets.

I am experienced in guiding the top level executives, management teams and organizations through consulting in situations such as handling the problems they experience, establishment of strong ties inside and outside the organization, making strategic planning, balancing tactical implementations and applying time management.

At the same time, I am dedicated passionately to providing coaching services for the people so that they improve their careers, achieve the positions in their dreams, develop and change their corporations or make important career changes.

My method which is able to remove the obstacles and achieve results, is a holistic, result-focused approach based on trust and cooperation which I establish with the individual in order to create a safe, secure and comfortable environment.“


Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

Organization Coaching

Group Coaching

Sales Coaching

Coaching Discussions

Team Spirit


Organizational Change Management



Business Communication

Customer Relationship Management

Target Follow Up



Win – Win Cooperation

Positive Thinking

Out Of The Box

Conflict Management


Career Transition


People Management

Branch Network Management

Team Management

Relationship Management


Time Management

Performance Management

Performance Improvement

Entrepreneurial Experience





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