“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

Türkan Akdeniz’s Farewell Message for 20 Years of Corporate Business Life:

“My dear colleagues,

Here I am ending my 20 years of banking career as of today.

Considering the fact that history is hidden in the ‘moment’, I always worked giving my heart into my work and emphasizing the value of time to myself, to the teams I worked with and that the time lost can never be recuperated.

I took my steps with belief and I ran after the achievements which seemed impossible. I was not afraid to go beyond the borders; I worked believing that refraining from trying in life would not take me anywhere.

I am so glad that; when I turn back and look at my career of more than 20 years, I see that I have always had success in different positions I served and that I left behind traces of my success in each one of my duties.

It’s time now.

Farewell. God bless you.


Success follows each leader, who looks behind and sees a team integrated with himself.

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK”


Some of the letters received from the colleagues after the farewell message….

My Dear Manager,

First of all, I was always and will always be proud to have worked with you, I feel very lucky for this. Furthermore, I am sorry for those teams which did not have the chance to work with such a leader like yourself in this sector, your message is very honorable, meaningful and to the point. When read, it flashes before one’s eyes, leaves a sweet smile, and happiness! And leaves sadness in some. I think it would be enough for you to know that I also belong to the group of crybabies in suits who heard that you are leaving.

With my best regards.
Özgür M.


Hello Ms. Türkan.

I am one of those people who had the chance to work with you, even for a short period of time. When I first took the job I had the chance to improve myself with your support and orientation.
When I saw your mail, I recalled 4 years ago when we had a meeting with you. I think you would never forget my name because of your son.
It is not possible to read this letter and not to be touched.
I hope we also have similar things to write about after 20 years.
Take care.
Let health and happiness always be with you
With love and respect…

Görkem A.


My dear master;

although you would not remember me much, we met many times during the time I was the marketing manager and we had small chats. Each time, I ended such chats adoring the power you accommodate in yourself… And each time, I added many things to myself with respect to leadership by your inspiration…

Please give your blessings…
We need people like you nowadays…
With my regards.
Hatice K.


Ms. Türkan,

Your mail, which I received in the morning as soon as I came, gave me a deep shock… Following the term we worked together, although I could not continue in your team, even being under the same roof was acceptable for me… As you also indicated, you are leaving good things behind you… During the term we worked with you, I don’t know the extent of my reflection in you, but you are a person whom I respect very much and very comfortable to work with and a person whom I value very much.

I hope when you say it’s time now, this is a decision taken being aware of how much you are loved and knowing there is much work to do… If this decision of you which made me sad has a plan to make you happy, certainly this would also make me happy…
Briefly, I would like to say that, I am very happy to know you. I hope the memories, which bring a smile to your face when remembered, bring big hopes to your heart.
I hope your future life would be very happy and healthy…

With my love and regards…
Sema Y.


My Dearest Manager;

During my career, you were my most important, most valuable and perfect manager. I shall always protect and never forget you and the values you had contributed to our lives.
I hope you have all the success, happiness and beauty in your life after this. You deserve the best of everything.
Your teller, who loves you very much and shall never forget you.

With regards
Tuğba Ş.


Hello My Master,

One side of my heart feels the pain because you are leaving our community and the other side of my heart feels the pride of knowing you and working with you. Your existence always was a support for me. Even if I am not beside you, knowing that you are always beside me always encouraged me, and widened my horizons. I took firmer steps towards future based on what we learned from you.

I hope that success and happiness continues to be with you in your future life.
I hope everything happens as you wish.
With my deepest respect, bye.

İsa K.


Hello Ms. Türkan,

I do not know how it shall be without you. I can’t help but tell that I adore your self-confidence and belief… I wish you endless peace, happiness and health in your new life…
I am very honored to know you.

With regards
Ali B.


You are my dear, how well you described your feelings.
To work with someone brave, trustworthy, success-focused and guiding person like you was very pleasing for us.
With my love and respect.
Hava T.


Hello Ms. Türkan,

It was an honor for me to work with you, thank you for everything.
I have no doubts that your success shall continue increasingly in your future life.
I hope to see you someday somewhere.

With regards
Umut A.


My Manager

It was a great pleasure for me to work with you. I thank you very much for the values you contributed to me. With my love and respect.

Çiğdem G.


Ms. Türkan,

My profound thanks to you. You made significant contributions to us for 20 years. And you did this with great self-sacrifice.
I wish you healthy, successful and happy days.
With my love and regards,

Hakan B.


As my master who left deep traces in me with your attitude and style during both your branch management and your duty at the general directorate, I wish that everything shall be as you like after now also and life brings you many successes.
With regards.

Hanife S.


My Dear Master,

We really learned a lot from you; the most important of all, you succeeded in every work you entered into.
I wish your future life to be as bright as your successes and pleasing as much.

my best regards.
Okan T.


Hi Ms. Türkan,

It was great to work with you and there are so many things that we shall learn and take as an example from you. I wish that your future life brings happiness to you.

Selvihan S.


Hi Ms. Türkan,

I always wanted to work with you but this was not destined to be. You were always my idol and you shall continue to be so.
I thank you for everything.
With my best regards.

Yelda Y.


Ms. Türkan,

I thank you for all you had done for me and you had given me, I wish you health, happiness and success in your future life.
With regards.

Mehmet D.


Good luck with it Ms. Türkan, we always took power from your power… Let God also give us the chance to retire proudly like you. I wish you health and happiness in the rest of your life. If you happen to come to İzmir, please visit me.

Nehir D.


I wish you success in your new life; how happy are those colleagues who bid farewell like you coming out smelling of roses.
I wish you happiness, with my best regards.

Nuray U.


My dear Master,

You are really a special person, I am very happy to know you.
I hope your life after now on would be full of health and peace, just as you like…

Pınar R.


My dearest Master,

It was always a pleasure and honor for me to work with you Please take a good care of yourself. I hope the best for you for all your life.
With my love and best regards.

Şükrü Y.


Ms. Türkan,

I want you to know that you are very important for me. First of all, good luck with this decision. I would like to wish the best of everything for you. I hope a healthy and peaceful life to be with you in this new era in your life.

We are now in İzmir with our 17 months old baby. If you happen to come to İzmir, it would be a great pleasure for us to see you.
With regards

Esra Y.


Ms. Türkan,

When you look back, you left behind an Erdal who really loves you, who always sees you as an ecole and takes you as an example. Your mail really took me to the past and I was moved by it. I wish your future life to be healthy, happy and successful
With regards,

Erdal U.


Hi Ms.Türkan,

I thank you very much for the values and information you provided for me during the terms we worked together. I know that you shall be very successful and happy in your new life. I wish your new life brings you health, happiness and beauties.

With my love and regards.
Feryal T.


Ms Türkan,

Thank you very much for your support concerning our works, I wish you success, happiness and health in your new life with your family and friends, I hope everything happens as you wish.
Love and regards

Hasan Veli Ö.


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