“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

Acrophobia is a deep phobia, which is encountered more than thought. Not only physical heights; but people are also afraid of the heights, which they can reach themselves.

They refrain from the positions where they shall reach when they bring out their potentials and the responsibilities of such positions. They make hundreds of excuses about their insufficiencies: And they easily accept the excuses received from outside.

The feeling of insufficiency which we create with hundreds of excuses forms a shell which limits the person and prevent him to see the real tastes which can be taken from life. The owner of the shell shall reject this, and claim that this” is not an obstacle but a protective shelter”… This is because he is “insufficient” according to his belief.

The external surface of the insufficiency shell is very sound; due to this reason in can only be broken from inside. As a coach, I cannot hit that shell… However, I can provide support for you to find ways to hit that shell harder each time.

Because I broke my shell…

I am outside…

And I want you to see what I see here.

“The only true voyage, would be not to visit alien lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees, that each of them is.”

Marcel Proust


Coaching is a strong instrument to bring out all the potential in you by putting your life into an order; it helps you to bring together stability, growth, success, satisfaction and balance in your life. Coaching, being aware that success is different for everybody, supports you in providing balance and harmony in your private life. By achieving awareness in many issues such as relations, cultural differences, life balance wheel, values, communication skills, efficiency, it provides you to discover your own capabilities and use these efficiently.

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