“Mucizeler, mucizelere inananların başına gelir!”

Only a part of the corporate and individual comments about Türkan Akdeniz …

I worked with Turkan over several months as part of personal development plan. Her coaching style is one of guiding the process of self discovery. She is gentle yet firm and forces you to look deep inside yourself for the answers. There is no prescribed recipe for success as it depends on you as a person and your commitment to self-reflection and improvement. The work is hard but useful, as change can only happen when you uncover the greatness in yourself. Turkan has a unique ability to help you see more clearly, chart a path that is your own and feel good about the new shape you ultimately become.

Denise Dalmer, Vancouver, Canada

Türkan Akdeniz is one of the most powerful characters that I know; she establishes connection with people, not communication. Throughout her management, consulting and couching life; she is a friendly, sincere and wise sound which is not only motivational (external stimuli), but a source of inspiration (internal stimuli) that touches people’s hearts and revealing their inner blue flame. Among your career journey if you want to see true and correct signs, you’re meeting the right person.

İlham Süheyl Aygül
Turkkariyer AS Yonetim Kurulu Baskani
(Finans sektorunun en cok okunani secilen Beyaz Yakali Uclemesinin yazari)


Dear Ms. Türkan,

The education that you give our firm’s coordinators and managers have begun to create very positive feedbacks.

Many thanks and wishes for your success to continue.

Best regards.

General Manager
Tekfen Services


Do you think you know yourself? Then you have not met Türkan Akdeniz yet?

How those things hidden in me are focused on making me unhappy so consistently. How I kept my belief in them so strong. Acceptances, habits, ‘anyways, ‘always’, ‘afters….

What are the things that make the problems or what things do we see as a problem? What is important for you in life, what do we live for, what do we forget in chaos and what these give rise to…  You have a very clear mirror beside you in order to face what you know and solve what you don’t know…


She masterly holds a compass for the discovery of the power within you; by shaking from time to time, by itself within the flow from time to time…  If you ask what is always the same for Türkan Akdeniz, it is the point she stands on; never straying from the path, always on the side of the righteous and the good. If you have such a mirror, you can neither escape from the truth nor the solution.

I lived and am living my miracle; I live it with belief, all my transparency by sharing it clearly even in the depths of my heart, with comfort and clarity… I am the miracle!

Extraordinary person who finds the power in you and brings it out so you can do whatever you want to do, a person who causes new beginnings to be out in you even in cases when you are knocked-out, my Almighty God made us meet, and I wish never separates us…With my deepest respect.

Gülnur ÇAKIRCI, General Manager, Dekor’s


Meeting “Türkan Akdeniz” happened in a period in which I was experiencing the hardest days of my life. It was a coaching training organized by my company. Based on the information given to me by my workplace, this was going to enable me to make better decisions.

But after I met her, my whole life had taken a brand new direction. This road, just like other roads, could be full of bumps, holes or hairpin curves. However, the difference of this road from all the roads I had taken until today was that now I knew how to handle all such difficulties in order to arrive to the targeted point.

Since the very first moments of the day we met, we had many sincere conversations thanks to the confidence she helped me gain. Really, all our discussions were like a friendly chat more than training.

Above all, she showed me how to perceive the events by looking at it from outside and make the correct decisions, how to overcome the difficulties, which I might encounter, and how to apply what was required. She helped me to discover by myself that I had many shortcomings, which I was not even aware of. We examined the reasons of my unhappiness and failures, which I experienced in the past and we tried to take the required measures so that these would not occur again.

Thanks to Türkan Akdeniz, I know what actually is more important and what is less important for me. Now both my private life and business life is happy and balanced. Thanks to her I started to live a completely different life.

Cengiz Ayçiçek
General Services Coordinator
Tekfen Services


Türkan Akdeniz helps you to get out of the intensity of your daily work life and your routine on autopilot.

She shows you the way so that you rediscover your experiences and knowledge which you had forgotten and continue your journey with a brand new motivation.

After meeting Ms. Türkan, your perception of your life and yourself shall completely change.

Security Coordinator
Tekfen Services


I thank you for showing me that I had been flying with a single wing in life, for opening my other wing, and for providing me to see the whole picture and the different ways from above, for making my life more balanced and for being a light for me..

Mehmet ERKAN
Technical Coordinator
Tekfen Services


I think that Türkan Akdeniz is a very special person. I can separate my life into two as before and after my coach. As a result of our solution-focused work with her sincerity, listening without judging and criticizing and powerful questions, she guided me to enrich my internal resources. If you haven’t yet met Ms. Türkan, I can say that you haven’t discovered yourself yet.

Şeyla Yavuz


People need light in order to find their way in the dark. I thank Türkan Akdeniz very much, who taught that the light is the man himself when you are in the dark in the road of life…

Sinem Atabeyli – Team Leader, Dekor’s


Hi Ms. Türkan.

Now I am on the terrace, I have pen and paper in my hand and I am drafting what I shall write to you, the weather is so good outside. Here, everything, everyone is the same, but the perceptions are different for me now… Or I do not know whatever the name of this is. Now I ask, question what people want to tell more than what I understand, if required, I call to account, I struggle for and force myself for whatever I want to get from the numerator and denominator part of the event.

Because of turning to myself and searching for my shortcomings, I do not have time to criticize others. Such as “time control”… Today, I confirmed this state of me once more… Because I experience the same things at home too, I start to think that I am not enough for anything, anyway, these all shall pass.

I miss you very much, anyway, is it important anymore? I do not know but this state is always as if you receive an answer after each your step and I am sorry for this.

Your words are always on my mind; I remember what I have to apply every time I am in trouble, I remind myself that the most important person is “me”.

By establishing the correct communication in the beginning, I remember that I should not foul my own (those roads you had shown come to my mind).

Then when the word box comes to my mind, I only smile.

Then, I question why I do what, I try to present my awareness, my difference by looking with a different point of view. Then, I try to dominate over my continuity and I think I need some time for this. But I shall do it. And the most important of all, under any term and condition, I try to remain with love which is an intense condition requiring patience.

The reason of all those things written is you. Thank you also for endless happiness….

Bye with love…

Have a nice work…

Betül Ekin Köseoğlu, Interior Architect Project Study, Dekor’s

*Hi Ms. Türkan,

Although we were together for a very short time, I would like to start by saying that the effects you left on me are deep and positive. While working with you, I observed what the team spirit meant, the yields of internalizing our company for us and our institution, the importance of questioning ourselves, the yields of making empathy and the detailed reflection of many multidirectional points of view such as this in my personality. But, while noting these, I noticed that these are not your sentences, but my sentences, in other words, what is left for me. After our chats with you, what settled in me, my acquisitions. I mean, what I grew out from the seeds you had thrown. Now we shall continue without you, but being different from the beginning, more aware, more conscious… thank you for everything, I hope our roads cross again..

With love.

Derya Dere, Interior Architect Project Study, Dekor’s


*Hello Ms. Türkan,

I remember the first day I came to Dekors, my colleagues, whose names I didn’t know, were running into the meeting room. Serpil was saying Ms. Türkan came. I guess it was the period when the meetings were just started, everyone was curious about Türkan Akdeniz… Those who had information about you were talking during the lunch, and Türkan Akdeniz was being written in the search engines in the internet…  At that time, in which I did not know what it was, I was saying “I think I would also attend this meeting and meet Ms. Türkan”… And that’s just what happened, and how nice it was…

Then I remember our first meeting, I remember how shy I was, I remember sitting silently and now I understand, I made such a long way, how you made me  make such a long way… A director, teacher even a friend, confidante, with whom I never felt myself as a stranger, never made me feel in such a way, who provided me to take one more step each day by her guiding attitude, and who is very valuable holding light with her ideas, recommendations, samples from her experiences… For me, these are my ideas after that first meeting which I added onto everything I knew about Türkan Akdeniz…

I am really sorry that our meetings, which I think I benefitted so much and also which I think you felt this, are ended… What else can I say other than that I love you…

I hope to see you again…

Sevgi Köksal, Project Sales Assistant, Dekor’s


I started to write a book during our works with Ms. Türkan.

We named the book together “Love”.

Each day new lines are being added to this book; it narrates my journey of life; my efforts for my most valuable dearest daughter, my efforts to add the basic beauties in me to life, to be aware and to create differences, to be sensitive to my daughter, my wife, my work, to accept my shortcomings and correct them, my efforts to create a value.

This book describes me.


My endless thanks to Ms. Türkan who took me to this journey with love and awareness.

Onur KESBİÇ, Accounting Manager, Dekor’s


We started to work together in a period in which I felt myself like an automat (insert the coin, press the button, and the drink comes to the box below), or a hamster all sweaty because of running on a wheel in a cage. Not being able to find a way out in the place where I was became a monkey on my back both in my business life and my private life and was continuing to crush me. It took me some time to understand what we were doing. But the moment I understood was the moment that I was aware. This was a way out for me. Step by step, one by one I confronted. But before anything else, I believed in it. Believing was half of achievement for me. During our works, the concept which I focused on most was the “out of the box” concept. I always repeated this, “get out of the box Yasemin, get out of the box Yasemin”… A hand was extended to me and I held that hand and succeeded coming out of the box. And I do not have any intentions for going into it again… I threw away my burden now I walk straighter in my business life…

Yasemin Ertürk, Purchase manager, Dekor’s


“The institution from which you receive training for a long time is not an training organization institution in which issues are described extensively, simulation games are played, tests are conducted – it is only one person – yes, only one person, and her fullness.”

A person who had experienced, observed the training process I mentioned above, for a long time in a corporate company and saw its results on the employees, who had experienced and analyzed it in business life at each stage, the business processes and each detail the customer experiences specifically from the sales branch and who is a volunteer to transfer her full experiences to the new people.

A person who clearly sees the beginning and the end only by her human feelings. Without any computer screens, schedules, graphs and personality analysis, only by looking, listening and analyzing and injecting the truth right into the blood. A person who is equipped in a manner which is not easily seen in business life and also who is so humble, understanding without even talking and sometimes, telling without speaking. As long as you are willing and you know how to take… A person who can compress the experience of the years into a single pill only in one hour. As long as you want to swallow it… a person whom you can say hello at any time in your life. And a person for whom you shall do this happily and smiling, not just for the sake of doing it…

I am so happy to know you,

Dear, respectful, valuable Türkan Akdeniz…

Zafer BALOĞLU, Project Sales Manager, Dekor’s


To be the architect of an architect…

I have a Lionel who thought of giving up twice in 3 years and each time who made me feel this is wrong… Giving up for the third time was the only reason of not crossing my mind even a single day… Always beside me, at hard times, at happy times… To my surprise, an architect also has an architect, sometimes when you create something, you don’t realize that you lose from yourself… Just at such times, she was beside me, a person who made me stronger and more aware each time… She is a power, a belief, a person, which should be in everybody’s life not which is not easily obtained by everybody… Yes, my Lionel, my supporter and a very valuable person who supports anyone who desires, Türkan Akdeniz… I am so glad to know you… I wish I had the honor to work with you… I know everyone who knows you thinks the same thing, but I think, feel and say more than them…

I thank you for everything, your existence and support.

With regards.

Erdem Zeren, Project Sales Manager, Dekor’s


Ms. Türkan,

You contributed so much to me. I always remember you whenever I read the poem “Passenger”; maybe this is because I learned from you that my aim is to reach the sea. I thank you, the meaning you contributed to my life is so great, so deep…

Gonca Güvençoğlu, Dekor’s


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